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ROOMBA Vacuums
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ROOMBA Vacuums

Karcher RC 3000 RoboCleaner Electrolux Trilobite 2.0 LG Roboking V-R4000 *Production has ceased Sharper Image eVac

Metapo CleanMateQQ=2

Approximate Cost $370 - $600 $1,500 $1,600 $900 $1,600 $200
Overall Cleaning Ability Excellent/Very Good Good Good *Production has ceased Very Good Good
Fully Automatic Yes, programmable with self turn on options No, must be turned on manually No, must be turned on manually *Production has ceased No, must be turned on manually No, must be turned on manually
Height Clearance 4 Inches 4.1 Inches 5.5 Inches *Production has ceased 5.5 Inches 4 Inches
Cleans Wall Edges Cleans right up to wall No Keeps 1/2' distance from walls *Production has ceased Cleans right up to wall Cleans right up to wall
Cleans Under Kitchen Baseboards Fits Easily Some Too Tall *Production has ceased Too Tall Fits Easily
Cords & Fringed Rugs Rarely gets hung up Rarely gets hung up Rarely gets hung up *Production has ceased Rarely gets hung up Unknown
Room Containment "Virtual Walls" allow room to room continuous cleaning Option not available Magnetic strips must be stuck to the floor or placed under carpeting *Production has ceased Includes 4 cones for the vac to bump into and turn away Option not available
Safe for all surfaces? Yes Yes Can not handle thick carpeting *Production has ceased Yes Yes
Suction Power Very Good Good Good *Production has ceased Very Good Fair - Below is a direct quote from their website:

"It will not clean plush and long pile carpet. It will not suck up dirt embedded deep down in the fibers of long pile carpet.
Auto return to base for charging Yes Yes Yes *Production has ceased No base available Yes
Auto receptical empty No Yes No *Production has ceased No No
Low Noise Level Very Good Excellent Poor *Production has ceased Fair Very Good
Cleaning Time Per Battery Charge Excellent/Very Good Good 60 minutes in "normal" mode *Production has ceased Very Good 60 - 80 minutes
Pros The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee

We make an unconditional and unwavering promise: Our merchandise is guaranteed for life.
    *Production has ceased   It will come to a lighter area from a dark area when the battery is low. So you do not need to look for it under a bed or dark area. Kills bacteria using UV tube & deoderizes using a fragrance you choose.
Cons Sometimes virtual walls can be a bit "quirky".     *Production has ceased   Does not do well on thicker carpets. Does not have suction for deep cleaning. It has a small dirt bin and can't pick up larger debris.
Misc. Info Voice guidance system tells you when something is wrong and how to fix it     *Production has ceased Sharper Image website is currently not active. Robot does not automatically recharge at docking station. You must remove battery & connect it to a battery charger.
Reviewer Comments My personal Roomba has issues with sliding glass door threshholds.     *Production has ceased Unsure about Sharper Image Corporation Status. It "looks" like a Roomba -- and has a nice price tag - but the cleaning power and other techie conveniences are just not there :(

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