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You'd think that being able to buy a fantastic robotic vacuum cleaner for just a couple of hundred bucks would be a sweet enough deal, but now iRobot's sweetened the ante: their website includes an interactive tool that lets you build your own iRobot Roomba system right on the spot. Not only do you get to say goodbye to pushing that old vacuum cleaner around, you also get to build your own Roomba vacuum to your specifications.

As Unique As You Are

From the battery to the chassis, you get to make the choices on what you want your Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner to be like. In some cases the choices are a bit limited, but you've still got more wiggle-room than you would if you bought a Roomba "off the rack," so to speak. Let's walk through the process, shall we?

  • Choose Your Chassis: You'll have an option of two chasses: the basic Roomba Red, or the classic Roomba Discovery. Sorry, no racing stripes yet, but nothing's stopping you from getting the appropriate iSkin for your personalized vacbot.
  • Choose Your Battery: At the moment, you can only choose the Advanced Power System (APS) battery. However, this will likely change in the future.
  • Choose Your Charging Option: You'll get the opportunity to select either the self-charging home base, or the APS fast charger. The latter's great for storing the Roomba away out of sight, or for getting it up off the floor.
  • Choose Your Virtual Wall: Here, you've got two options: you can select one or more plain Virtual Wall Units or Virtual Wall Schedulers. The advantage of the latter is that you can set the Virtual Wall to work at a specific time, guiding your Roomba to the precise space you want it to clean.
  • Choose Your Remote: iRobot offers two types of remote controls: the plain remote that sets your Roomba on its way and activates the various cleaning options, and a scheduling remote, which lets you set up to seven different cleaning times.
  • Choose Your Replacement Brushes: At this stage, you can opt for either a basic Roomba Replenish Kit, with three replacement filters, one beater brush, one bristle brush and one side brush; or the Roomba Replacement Brush Kit, with three bristle brushes, one beater brush, and one side brush. You can also choose not to choose.
  • Choose Your Replacement Filters: If you'd like to put some Roomba filters aside for when you need them later on, this is your chance to do it. You can also skip this option, if you like.
  • Choose Your Storage Item: If you'd prefer to hang your Roomba up and out of the way, instead of in its floor charger, here's a chance to get a cool wall mount so you can put it away in a closet somewhere. This option works well with the APS fast charger option.

And there you have it! Once you've picked all your fine Roomba features, you're presented with a page where you can edit your choices. When you're happy with your choices, just click "Add to Cart," and you're ready to check out (this would be a great time to order those racing stripes). iRobot will put together your robot to your specs, and in a few days it'll be in the mail, on its way to you.

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