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Roomba robotic floorvacs are amazingly affordable, and it's our goal to point you to the Roomba lowest price on the market. If you are looking for the newest model Roomba vac to buy or looking for replacement filters or other accessories for your older model Roomba - you've come to the right place! Roomba, the revolutionary floorvac from iRobot, is an electronic piece of futuristic technology that's available today! We've been waiting decades for personal robots, and now they are here. Users all over the globe boast that once you start using your Roomba vacuum cleaner - you will soon become an addict to robot technology and wonder how you ever survived without it. More advanced model Roombas can even clean up to four rooms in a single battery charge.

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Consumer reports on Roomba are singing the praises of this little robot power house vacuum cleaner. This miracle of modern technology is packed with sophisticated electronics that help it avoid obstacles, communicate when it's in trouble, and clean up everything from dirt to pet hair. It may be small in size - but it's definitely big on cleaning power. Whatever carpet or floor surface you have, the self-propelled iRobot Roomba can keep it clean. And it works just as well on wood, tile and other surfaces, too. It is very slim allowing it to reach those out of the way places you can't reach with the regular vacuum cleaner. The Floorvac will clean under the beds, under chairs and under the sofa. It "learns" the layout of the room with its intelligent navigation system and will not stop until it has covered every inch of it.

Robotic Floorvac technology!

George Jetson would be proud! The classy iRobot roomba vac is compact, smart, and easy to operate, and it won't sass you like Rosie the Robot. It far surpasses any previous robotic carpet-cleaning technology. And now you can choose from a brand new line of Roomba Vacuums. The scheduling feature is so easy to use you simply program the remote control to tell your roomba when to start cleaning the floor at any time of the day or night. It automatically turns on and when it's all finished cleaning it automatically returns to its home base to recharge itself. You can even add scheduling technology to your existing Roomba floor vac (Models 400/Discovery Series) - what more could you want?

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Roomba Reviews

Review of the Roomba Scheduler

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New review for HEPA type filter made by Robot Add Ons will help purify the air in your home for a cleaner, safer living environment! Works on all Roomba 500 series robots except robot SKUs 53601 and 55101. © 2015 all rights reserved.