Roomba Competition:  Is there any?
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Roomba Competition: Is there any?

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Roomba competition does exist for the iRobot Roomba as far as robotic floorvacs are concerned however it quickly leaves its competitors in the dust with state of the art technology at a very low price! Features and electronics are much the same - in fact Roomba's competitors even look very similar. But Roomba's performance is awesome and the little vac costs only a fraction of what its competition costs. iRobot specifically designed their robotic floorvac to be affordable for everyone. From the lower end Roomba 400 which costs $119 to the top of the line Roomba 500 series with prices starting at $199.99 -- there is a robot vacuum available to fit all budgets.

Robotic floorvac price comparisons:

How good can a vacuum be that's only the size of a medium pizza? Reviews on Roomba continue to be extremely favorable with consumers as it literally sweeps it's way across homes all over the globe. Listed below are approximate costs for other robotic floorvac models on the market from highest to lowest price:

  • Electrolux Trilobite® - $1,800
  • Karcher RC 3000 - $1,500
  • iRobot Roomba 500 Series - $200 - $500
  • iRobot Roomba 416 Vaccum Robot - $200
  • Sharper Image eVac - $300
  • Roomba Red - $150
  • iRobot Roomba 400 - $120
  • Zoombot RV500 - $100 (not made for carpets)
  • RoboMaid - $60 (not made for carpets)

The higher the price the better the vacuum - right?

Not necessarily. One would think that the models priced at over $1,000 would rule the robotic floor vac world but this is not the case. Consumer reports state that while each of the above models has its own unique challenges, the Roomba vac models provide just as good (if not better) suction as the more expensive models and in many cases even have more impressive state of the art technology.

Consumer reports iRobot technology rocks - period!

For example the $500 Roomba 580 - the most advanced model
covers 4 rooms on a single battery charge. It boasts a Wireless Command Center and On-board Scheduling. Also included is a Self-charging Home Base, 3 Virtual Wall Lighthouses, 11 Brushes and 7 Filters - pretty impressive!

Roomba is an intelligent and effective vacuuming robot. All Roomba Vacuuming Robots feature iRobot’s unique AWARE™ Robot Intelligence Systems. AWARE uses dozens of sensors to monitor Roomba’s environment, and adjusts Roomba’s behavior up to 67 times per second, ensuring that Roomba cleans effectively, intelligently and safely.

Roomba's virtual walls emit a beam of light that tells Roomba where it shouldn't go. Each unit creates up to a 13+ foot wide virtual wall in open doorways. And the latest technology uses "Virtual Wall Lighthouses" which tell Roomba to finish cleaning the first room before she moves on to rooms 2, 3, AND 4!

Bottom line, don't be fooled by the Roomba's low price - it's by far the best deal out there in robotic vacuums.

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