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Consumer Reports on Roomba
Two Thumbs Up!

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The consumer reports on Roomba are in and it's easy to see why the public loves these little robotic vacuum cleaners in comparison to the vac they currently own! The bottom line reviews on Roomba are that it works very well AND is extremely affordable. This excellent combination makes for a marketing marriage made in heaven for it's creator iRobot. Anyone who dreads the vacuuming chore would absolutely love having a Roomba model floorvac in their cleaning arsenal. There isn't a person alive who doesn't wish for help with the housework. And with Roomba to take care of the vacuuming for you - it's like having your own private maid available any time you want.

What's all the fuss - isn't it just a vacuum cleaner?

Well, yes it is a vacuum cleaner. But this little robot is unlike any cleaning discovery you've ever come across. For example, in comparison, can your current model of vacuum cleaner:

  • Turn itself on and vacuum when you aren't home?
  • Return itself to its proper place when it is finished automatically vacuuming?
  • "Know" when a spot of floor is dirtier than the rest and deal with it?
  • Vacuum all the way under the beds and tables -- all by itself?
  • Vacuum up to 4 rooms on a single battery charge?

Hmmm - didn't think so! Every new model of Roomba that iRobot makes is always a step above their last model. For example the Roomba 400 Series vacuums had difficulty with some types of throw rugs, especially those with fringe on them. And power cords could also be problematic.

However, the new iRobot Roomba 500 Series Robots feature dramatic improvements in navigation and floor coverage, edge and corner cleaning, brushes, filters and advanced anti-tangle technology!

So you see, there isn't much that comes to mind that we don't like about the little guy! We suggest you watch your Roomba in action closely the first few times - as you may have to move your Virtual Wall Lighthouses around until you find the best location for them. And once you have everything set up properly we are sure you will join the millions of other users who absolutely love their robotic vacuum cleaners.

Is Roomba affordable?

That's the best part! Roomba costs no more than an ordinary upright vacuum with prices ranging from $119.99 on up. And gentlemen, if there are ladies in your life who do the vacuuming or ladies if your husband does the vacuuming this is one cleaning appliance that makes a great gift. College students with a Roomba will absolutely be the talk of the dorm. Join the robot revolution today!

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